‘The Acropolis at Athens’ by Leo von Klenze

Athenian Democracy and the Modern World

The ancient world can teach us lots about modern life. Former US President, Barack Obama, claimed that we currently face a truth decay, a crisis of fact, where the truth does not even matter anymore. This issue was not alien to the ancient world, so this blog exists to question and explore what solutions Athenian democracy can provide to us today.

From the increased popularity of Twitter, to the claims of voter-fraud, ancient Athens can help us understand and navigate the intricacies of the modern political world.

Inside a Culture of Blame

This blog post analyses a case study from the ancient world, the Battle of Arginusae and the following Trial of the Generals, and considers the similarities between this case study and Britain’s exit from the European Union.

A Butterfly Effect?

This post looks at the Trial of Socrates, seen by many to be an infamous miscarriage of justice, and considers whether this may have led to the downfall of Ancient Athenian Democracy, looking for the warnings we in the modern world must take from this event.

The Crisis of Fact

Former President Barack Obama believes there to be a crisis of fact in modern politics, where the truth does not matter anymore. This post considers the importance of fact as part of democracy, and why athenian democracy is looked to nostalgically by modern politicians.

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